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Saturday, 17 August 2019

Little Nightmares Pc Game Review

Little Nightmares game PC Game Overview :-)

  Little Nightmares is a puzzle-platformer horror adventure game developed by Tarsier Studios and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment for Microsoft WindowsPlayStation 4Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. The game received positive reviews upon release with critics praising the atmosphere, graphics, and sound. Criticism was aimed at the game's checkpoint system and short length.

   A hungry little child named Six is trapped in the Maw – a mysterious vessel catering to the whims of sick and powerful creatures. After waking up in the lower depths of the Maw, Six decides to escape the harsh confines, having regular moments of excruciating, primal-like hunger. Whilst ascending, she soon becomes stalked by the long-armed blind Janitor of the Maw, who has been capturing the runaway children. She eventually becomes trapped by the Janitor after being lured by food, though she manages to escape. After evading the Janitor by cutting off his arms with a door, Six follows the conveyor belt upward, to a large kitchen operated by the grotesque Twin Chefs. After another bout of hunger, Six is forced to eat a live rat. The Chefs are preparing a large feast and attempt to kill Six whenever she enters their line of sight. After managing to evade them, she finds a way out of the vessel.
Six observes a boat ferrying large, obese, suited Guests, who lumber to the Japanese-style dining area of the Maw, overseen by the abusive and brutal Lady, the Geisha-like leader of the Maw. After wading through the feast and its Guests, Six has another bout of hunger. When one of the Nomes, the recurring inhabitants of the Maw, offers her a sausage, Six eats the Nome instead.
Six makes her way further upwards, entering the Lady's quarters, covered with many broken mirrors throughout the rooms. Chased by the Lady, who displays magical powers, Six finds a mirror that she uses against the Lady in a battle. Defeating her, Six approaches the Lady and devours her, gaining her magical powers.

Little Nightmares game PC Game Screenshots :-)

Little Nightmares game PC Game System Requirements:-)

o  Tested on Windows 10 64-Bit
o  Operating System: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
o  CPU: Intel CPU Core i3
o  RAM: 4GB
o  Hard Disk Space: 10GB

💥 Little Nightmares game PC Game parts (700MB) Download Links Given Below :-)

💥 Little Nightmares Part 1:Download

💥 Little Nightmares Part 2:Download

💥 Little Nightmares Part 3:Download

💥 Little Nightmares Part 4:Download

💥Password  :-) Click Here  


💥 Directx :-) Download

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