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Monday, 11 November 2019

Bioshock 1 pc Game Review

Bioshock 1 PC Game Overview :-)

Bioshock is a first person shooter game developed by Irrational Games and is published by 2K Games for Microsoft Windows and Xbox. The game has been set in 1960. An airplane is crashed in the Atlantic Ocean and all the passenger in the plane have been drowned except Jack, the only survivor. Jack managed to reach the nearby lighthouse where he finds the Rapture, an underwater city.

Bioshock 1 PC Game Screenshots :-)

Bioshock 1 PC Game System Requirements:-)

·       Operating System: Windows XP / Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 ,10
·       CPU: 2.4GHz Intel Pentium 4
·       RAM: 2 GB
·       Hard Disk Space: 6GB

💥 Bioshock 1 PC Game parts (700MB) Download Links Given Below :-)

💥 Bioshock 1 Part 1:Download

💥 Bioshock 1 Part 2:Download

💥 Bioshock 1 Part 3:Download

💥 Bioshock 1 Part 4:Download

💥 Bioshock 1 Part 5:Download

💥 Bioshock 1 Part 6:Download

💥Password  :-) Click Here  


💥 Directx :-) Download


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