Dll Error

How to fix Runtime Errors?

Your pc needs to have all the following tools loaded and installed completely on it to run majority of the pc games that you will download from here. Make sure you have all these, if you do not have them yet then download and install them first.
  • Directx 9.
  • Direct x11.
  • Visual C++ Redist Packages (Install Every 32bit and 64bit Files from this Package).
  • Steam: You will see that the majority of the Pc games require this tool to run smoothly. Install it before downloading any game from PCGAMESPUNCH site.
  • Origin: This is yet another tool required by the all big games with good graphics. Download and install before installing the actual game on your PC.
Getting errors like “CRC failed in the encrypted file” OR “Checksum errors (wrong password ?)”: 
The first thing to make sure of is that you are using password the right way. Make sure that the password you copied is without any space or inverted commas or anything else. We recommend you to type the password manually.  If you still are getting the same error and you are sure that password is correct, then your downloaded archive is corrupted. The archive corruption takes place due to the interruption while downloading the file and bad connections. We on PCGAMESPUNCH, first test all the games and confirm as running before uploading and sharing on our site.
To solve this issue, first make sure that you have latest winrar 5.xx version installed on your pc. Delete the corrupted file completely from your computer, empty the recycle bin and Re-download the file. our recommendation is to use a different web browser this time. You can use Mozilla firefox or Google Chrome or Baidu browser too. For faster downloads, we recommend you to use Internet Download Manager (IDM) on your pc.
Getting error about “STEAM” OR “ORIGIN” OR “UPLAY” while starting the game:
After you have installed the game, If you try to run the game via launcher or game icon, and get an error like these, the chances are you have not used cr@ck or the cr@ck you used is not supported. Or the possibility of your antivirus program deleting the cr@ck file completely can also occur. Cr@cks are usually blocked by antivirus programs as malware or virus. Trust us, these are completely safe to use files. So you should first disable your antivirus before installing the game or applying the cr@ck. Or add the cr@ckfiles or launchers of the games in exclusion list of your antivirus. Once done, Disable the antivirus again, Re-Install the game, and recopy the cr@ck to the installation directory of the game.
If you do not know how to add a file or program or cr@ck to exclusion list, Follow the tutorials linked below for your respective antivirus program.
Getting errors like:  “0xc00007b error” OR “Missing dll d3dx9_xx or XINPUT1_3 or xinput1_2.dll or xinput1_3.dll” and So On:
Install the Visual C++ and most importantly, Install DirectX 10 + on your pc, Restart it and you are good to go.
Getting “Runtime errors” OR “Missing MSVCR100 or MSVCR120, MSVCP110.dll, MSVCR130, MSVCR140” and So On:
These errors occur due to the missing visual c++ on your computer. Just install “Visual C++” and all essential softwares mentioned in this tutorial, Restart the pc. Please make sure that you install both “vc_redist x86″ and vc_redist x64” even if you have a 64 bit system. Install both of them to not get any more errors like this.
Getting errors like: “mfc100u.dll missing” OR “api-ms-win-crt-runtime-1-1-0.dll is missing” OR “mfc11xx.dll” OR “API-MS-Win-CRT error”:
Simply Install Visual C++ and all essential softwares mentioned in this tutorial and restart your pc. Please make sure that you install both “vc_redist x86” and “vc_redist x64” (Visual C++), even if you have a 64 bit system. Install both of them.
I have installed all the essential software, restarted my PC, but i’m still getting a missing .dll error:
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